Missing but miraculous!


Life can definitely be interesting!

Parts of your life may be missing but in the end, somehow it makes everything quite interesting.

When this happens you just need to roll with the pace.

Sure it may not happen but at least you can say that you tried.

Or you can not try and fret over it, but is that a good option?

Try your hardest and you will be surprised at the outcome!

So, I had my trike shipped to the OTC. When I opened the box there were several missing bolts and parts.

My coach had a few spare parts for other pieces and so we made it work.

It stayed together yesterday, let’s hope it stays together today for the time trial.

Let’s make miracles happen despite missing parts in our life!

5 thoughts on “Missing but miraculous!

  1. All the best – do let us know how was the trial – how is your job screening shaping up?

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    1. I thought you knew that I accepted an offer? I don’t start until April 9. Eh, it could be better. I made my goal of under 40 minutes but 25 minutes into it, my knee started to give out.

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      1. Last I knew your background check was going on. Are you in the race now.


        1. Check was okay. I’m at a camp in CA right now. 🙂

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