When I grow up……..

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I want to be a math teacher.

I want to be a champion.

I want to get it on the first try.

I want to be surrounded those that care about me.

I want……..

The list could be endless and of course we won’t achieve everything.

However what we do achieve makes our wants turn into reality. By achieving them we are shaping our lives to be the best yet.

There should be very little stopping us, but if we do finish the goal we set out to achieve life will be better.

We never know who or what we will achieve.

Like meeting Buddy Vlastro from The Cake Boss or Amy Roloff from Little people, big people


6/2010 Mandy visits The Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro10/2009 Mandy meets Amy Roloff at RAMP "No Limits" Luncheon

or reaching new heights:

8/2010 Mandy climbing rock wall at Great Lakes Naval Base during RIC Military Paralympics sports camp

When you grow up what will YOU accomplish?

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3 thoughts on “When I grow up……..

  1. You are a fighter – keep it that way –

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