My floor took the last cup!

Do you have something that you absolutely can’t live without?

Or perhaps something that is there but can be forgotten about?

Now what if that item of your creates a mess?

A mess to be cleaned up right away or a mess that can wait because it serves as a reminder>

We all have messes in our lives if we think about it. We are all individuals and it is probable that someone does not like how we do something.

We can sit there and argue with them or we can just smile and nod in agreement with them.

No one says that you have to carry it out that way time after time again.

I  went to make a cup of coffee. Before I knew it the cup fell from the counter to the floor. It made a mess!


I could kept it there as  a reminder to sweep and mob but instead I cleaned it up to avoid another injury.

Now if only I can figure out how to bring my Keurig to cycling camp for my team?

Are you making messes and keeping them or cleaning them?

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