Day off!

Today was the day I could sleep in. Every other day I have been out of the house early to get some various things done.

Do you have a day like that?

A day just to rest and recharge.

A day not to worry about anything.

A day to be still.

Those kinds of days are quite awesome! They are needed especially when you seem to be running 24/7/365.

However they may not always happen and that can be quite disappointing!

Keep your head high as it will come!

For the past year or so I have dealing with Greenlee and trying to find a new job. I was about to give up but I finally saw one with Culinary Accountants. I applied and got a phone interview.

I was so happy that Matt didn’t hang up on me like the 4 or 5 others had previously done.

I got an offer and accepted. Now that was one thing off of my plate!

So today was going to be a day to rest.

However I saw my email  and realized that today was the day when the first 50 customers got on a free bundlette for a year from Nothing Bundt Cakes.

So I was up early and went with my mom. We made it!

Image may contain: Mandy Kloepfer and Yolanda Beets, people smiling, sunglasses

Good because I have lost 4 pounds from the last few days stressed out about my car!

How are you handling your day off?

3 thoughts on “Day off!

  1. Nice – you too both look great

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