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Hey readers!

I am glad you are here because I need your help. My mind has not still the past few weeks and I am having trouble concentrating on topics and ideas.

I have been dealing with car repairs the past week. And I also got a job on Thursday contingent of a background check. I seem to have found the most perfect job that allows me to cycle. Now only if I can get them to change my racing classification to be better in line with competitors who are more like me. Is that really too much to ask?

But anyhow, what kinds of topics would you like to read about? Nothing perhaps is too crazy!

Thank you!

5 thoughts on “Suggested topics

  1. Why don’t they let you compete with your category- seems like a reasonable ask

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    1. Classification is a thing within itself. I’m thinking that when I originally went to an international classification, the US forgot to include some medical documents and because they didn’t, the classifiers had to go off what they measured them.

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      1. Oh. Maybe you can correct it now

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