Ever felt like you are hiding something or at least not being truthful?

We all have different minds and ways of doing things. We store and use things differently.

At the same time we can never know too much! Our minds are quite amazing.

But what may be seen on the outside may not always be what is on the inside.

For the most part, I feel that I am a minimalist. There is a lot of open walls and space in 6 rooms. I don’t like feeling attached to things.

However my back closet speaks differently. There is a bunch of things that need to be gone through.



Do you have a different picture on the outside and the inside?


5 thoughts on “Stuff!

  1. Minimalist is a good thing – clutter is bad 😊

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    1. Would it be bad to say that I moved here in 2015 and this closet is where everything ended up that I never unpacked?

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      1. Absolutely not – you mastered it 😊

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