Paying it forward!

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A different post right now. It never ceases to amaze me when people pay it forward.

As most of you know I have been out of a full time job since 2017. I was paid well and saved some of it with most of it going towards bills.

Happily my credit is near a perfect 800!

The other day I was noticing my car was having problems, I really thought it was the brake pads, easy enough, I can squeeze that into my tight budget.

It turns out to be worse, some broken rods connecting the brakes, probably close to 1K in repairs.

We were talking at church today and someone overheard us. She offered to pay the bill for it.

I told her no and that I did have other means to pay for it.

I just really thought that was nice of her. We rarely talk but was nice to be noticed!

Do you have an amazing random acts of kindness that you would like to share?

7 thoughts on “Paying it forward!

  1. The people that you least expect will help you

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  2. Kindness should never go unacknowledged.

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  3. Wow – that is such a kind gesture – I am sure you will get your job soon – Once a strager got my flat tire bike on his car and gave me a ride back home

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