Where art though spring?

This weather is really messing with me.

All I want to do is ride:

img_20170520_163843416fb_img_1518121043234fb_img_152411102304513240688_10208052378764566_5090150517099298356_n18119551_10211046257729669_7354191087216589012_n31369130_10212155094976795_5022940570222329856_oCA 2017 TT58a25472ac7ee949653abf9eIMG_20190205_133026013

Blue looks better on me, agree?

Where is spring?

1 thought on “Where art though spring?

  1. Reblogged this on Inspirational Leader and commented:

    It was snowing the other day (Sunday) but it was 74 today. I am so confused! Where is spring?


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