Hello Floor!

You look and feel so nice

See the source image

But wouldn’t you prefer to be up there ^?

This situation is all too common, we start off on the floor, we work our way up, and eventually make it to the top. Or do we?

Do we really know what is going to happen?

We work our butts off to get closer to the top.

But then we fall off and have to rework ourselves up. Even then it may not happen because of varying stigmas in our society.

I am often a classic example. I am bound to fall, no literally! My balance sucks.

In fact today I found myself on the floor often because my legs do not want to work today.

But back to this topic I honestly feel that people can take advantage of me ESPECIALLY in the workplace. You know I have a brain injury so I can easily be blamed. But is that fair and right?

So is it better to be back on the floor even though you have the knowledge of a counter and work your wait up o

OR wait it out until you can be a counter again?

What are your thoughts?

6 thoughts on “Hello Floor!

  1. I am on the floor quite a lot too. Both physically and metaphorically. I guess you can learn quite a lot down there!

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      1. 😊

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