And the truth finally comes out!

It’s now even longer and once again I feel lost, lonely, and unwanted. When am I allowed to breathe?


After what I heard tonight, it made me even more upset. I would be fine with just believing that no one really knows and it was just accident. Now I know better!

You can go on and on about how school should have been cancelled but likewise I am also guilty because I was going to Rock Valley. You can go on and on about speed but maybe that driver wasn’t going that fast? Even the smallest amount of speed t-boning my vehicle could have created that much damage. Sure I’m lucky that by some force of nature and God I made my way to the passenger side. If not my injuries could have been much worse or even death. And yes that is a fact!

But I have to learn to look past all this. If it weren’t for all my injuries I may have never learned about Salute…

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