Fear of heights.

Fears of doing something.

Fears of eating something.

Fears of going somewhere.

When we face our fears we go some place that we never imagined.

Oh the places you’ll go!

Cover art

This is a very popular children’s book and even as an adult we can still see the meaning behind it.

By taking a chance we may be stepping into the unknown but eventually we will find our way!

My journey is no different. I always seem to be stepping into the unknown. Somehow I make it. Sometimes I don’t.

And if I don’t, I’ll just keep on trying until I do.

This past week I tried hot yoga and that was interesting! But I think I will do it again.

I also did a video call and I was scared shitless but I did it anyways. I am now hooked and can’t wait for it again. Who wants to video talk next?

Are you stepping into the unknown?

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