A slab of chunky peanut butter!

Image result for pb&j sandwich

Ok so this post has absolutely nothing to do with peanut butter, although a PB&J sandwich sounds good right now!

A few days ago I asked for volunteers. I only had one person publicly tell me but at the time I didn’t have questions.

I’m writing a book and I would love to have a variety of answers.

When I include them I will only include your first name, last name initial, and country (please provide)

I am not sure when it will be published or even where yet. I have 13 pages currently written and can add some more.

If you are willing, can you use the contact button to message me your answers and country? I will add as many as I can.


  1. What challenges have you had to overcome and why?
  2. What is a motto that you live by to get through each day?
  3. What advice can you offer to others to help them overcome challenges that they may face?
  4. Anything that you want to add?

Thanks for your help!

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