Where do you fit?

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This is a question that many of us ask ourselves often at a young age.

We may continue to ask this as we age.

Our answers will change as our talents and desires change.

Usually these change with age but for some a change may happen at an unexpected turn.

Maybe you find yourself without work as a result of a shifting economy and the trade you do has disappeared thus leaving you to scramble to go back to school to learn something new.

Maybe you move and have to align your activities within the norm of the city or country that you are now in.

Maybe you have become disabled and what you once were doing is no longer possible.

Or is it?

Whatever the reason may be, we find that we identify more with one group.

For some it may be a sports community.

For others it may be a sorority or fraternity.

Or it may be military related.

Your “group” is where you feel safest. You feel welcomed in the moment you are around them.

When I started Rehab, I felt connected most when I was around other members of the military. I have been to military sports camps, military meetings and events, and military fundraising events. At all of them I felt welcome when I first went to them. When I went to non military events the feeling was never the same.

Others just simply don’t understand but those of us who signed a blank check for an amount up to to the cost of life, we understand that we are all connected and that we can’t guarantee the next day or the day after. And so we know to be welcoming to each other and to treat each day as if it was our last.

Find your group. The people that are most like you and are very welcoming. You will be glad that you did!

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