Let me write that down for you


Quite simply people make quick assumptions at their first glance at someone.

Often they assume wrong and then there is the awkward moment of trying to explain to someone.

Yes it can get very frustrating and annoying.

But it’s best just to take what they are saying/doing lightly and try to change their actions without getting too frustrated.

I am still amazed at what I have to still deal with.

I went to get a new headlight and after they replaced it they came to the register. He WROTE down the total after he saw me. I laughed silently and started to speak. The look on his face was priceless!

“She can hear!?!”

I really do wonder what people are thinking when they see me. I KNOW I am not a usual person to be seen driving.

But seriously, what are these people being taught?

It’s never a good idea to assume, just a thought. It makes an “ass out of u and me”.

Happy Friday all!

3 thoughts on “Let me write that down for you

  1. People make all sorts of assumptions ~ you ought to write down these things and then make a book!

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