Challenge completed

Bob gives you a challenge to get done. He asks you to categorize the box of paperwork into bills,, notes, statements, and other papers.

He wants it done by next Tuesday at 8 am when the investors come.

It’s Thursday and you are coming home from a vacation. There is bound to be work to get done.

How do you manage your time? Do certain tasks receive greater priority?

We are faced with these decisions throughout our lives. It is up to each of us to learn how to prioritize and get things done on time.

For the month of January we were given a challenge to work out daily. I ride the bike almost daily so this was not going to be so difficult. I made sure to do it in the morning and left the afternoon open for other tasks.

The result?

31 days of physical activity. Most days I took a picture:

Challenge completed!

How do you handle challenges?

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