There may be times that you want to do something but you are missing something.

The missing item may be replaceable or it may not be

Or so you think at the moment.

Everything is replaceable with something else.

It may make it similar to the expected outcome,

or it may make it completely different.

You really don’t know and that is what makes in fun!

Life is totally about replacing the missing parts in your life with something similar to make it work for better or for worse.

We can’t predict what happens with everything; sometimes we just need to go for it and hope for the best!

With windchill’s expected to get in the -50’s tomorrow (Yes you read that right), I had this great idea to make a chicken pot pie tonight.

I got the veggies, chicken, and gravy. Except I forgot the pan and the dough.

I could have gone back out but I didn’t want to risk hypothermia.

I had a package of biscuits in the fridge so I figured that would work for the dough.

All the pans I have were 9 inch pie pans and I knew those wouldn’t work.

But I have a smaller metal container that I bought to give treats.

I underestimated the amount of dough on top so I had to improvise again with a slice of bread.

This is what I ended up with:

Image may contain: food

It was yummy as it was!

How are you improvising in your life?

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