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Do you ever feel that you just don’t know how to do something?

Have you tried some way and it simply doesn’t work?

Often there are times when you are inadvertently forced to think because you may be stuck indoors.

It may be by choice or it may be the result of natural weather conditions.

Some of us experience hurricanes which cause us to be glad that we are living away from the ocean.

But in this area we experience snow and frigid temperatures.

And so we think of moving someplace else but undoubtedly we are faced with another extreme weather condition.

Are we ever safe?

But these times do allow us to think and brainstorm.

I often feel like I am in a corner. I am quite good at some things but I suck or I’m average at other things. People want a blended mixture that is even and they try to steer away from the extremes.

I’ve realized that I what I do is an inspiration to many. Now the brainstorming begins. How do I break into the market of motivational/inspirational thinking? Ideas are welcome here!

How are you brainstorming?

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