Yummy Yankee Youngsters

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Have you ever eaten a candle?

It is yummy?

Here are a few “Y’s” for you.


Adjective. 1: a description of a ship that is easy to handle and is responsive.

2: prepared already.

3: lively or quick.

Adverb. Nimbly or swiftly.


Verb. 1: to long for or have a strong desire for something or someone.

2: to feel compassion, tenderness or affection.


Adjective. Having the characteristics of reliability loyalty and diligence.

Young at heart

a phrase used to describe someone who although is mature, is still youthful in attitude.


Adjective. 1: having the characteristics of youth.

2: energetic or vigorous.


Tomorrow is the last of the alphabet. Please check out the other letters. Enjoy!

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