Why do you do that?


No two humans are alike, not even twins.

We learn how to do each task and it may not be similar to our peers as we age.

But then an injury happens and you are forced to relearn how to do everything.

Except you may be older and need to worry about your safety.

Except others may be holding you back.

Except you think you can’t.

So when will it change?

It changes when you accomplish it and show others.

They may not understand why you do something the way you do but should that hold you back?

There are a lot of negative people that just don’t know. They have never been through whatever you may be dealing with.

Why? No two people are alike.

I’m always open for suggestions but that doesn’t mean that I need to follow it. I know my limits as well as what I am capable of.

Yes I have had a brain injury and I am smarter than hell but that doesn’t mean that I have to resort to a minimum wage job doing piecework. I know I would get bored and carelessly screw something up.

I earned my AS and BS in Accounting and my MS in Forensic Accounting AFTER my accident. I got superb GPA’s not because I did the lowest amount of work possible but because I worked my ass off to learn the material.

I will be one of the first few people that will tell when something is wrong. Not because I want attention but because not doing so would be unethical.

Sorry for the rant tonight but I had to get this out.

Have a great day all!

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