Vicious Vampire

Bite me!

I vant to suck your blood

Vampires are something else and I hope you don’t attract them!

See the source image


Adjective. 1:Brave or courageous.

2: something done in a courageous or brave manner.

Noun. Someone who is brave or courageous.


Adjective. 1: something justifiable.

2: something unexpired.

3: something effective.

4: something logical.


Noun. Another word for courage particularly in battle.


Adjective. 1: of great monetary value.

2: something important or useful.

3: something esteemed or cherished.

4: something rare or highly prized.


Adjective. Honest and truthful.


Versatile – Meaning:

Adjective. 1: something changeable.

2: something that has many uses.

3: something adaptable.


Noun. 1: an experienced soldier with many years of active military service.

2: someone with great experience at something.


Adjective. Alert and watchful.


Adjective. 1: wine of high quality.

2: displaying the best characteristics of something or someone.


Noun. An abbreviation for a very important person.

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