If you keep at something, eventually it will be attainable.

It might take hard work and of course several attempts.

Dedication may also be needed and that is something that you have to learn. We can’t start something new and expect to be good at it right away.

For some time I have relied on my cane for most of the day. Slowly but surely I dropped using it to get around at work.

Eventually I did without it when I got inside. But I never took a chance when I was outside until a few days ago.

Even with the ice and cold weather, I left my cane in the car. I took a chance and walked the 30 feet to the mailbox across the ice covered driveway with the cane.

I didn’t fall which is awesome! Not too bad when I was pretty close to death in 2007!

Anything is possible if you believe it is!

Are you finding ways to improve yourself?


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