Putting yourself out there can be a challenge

I have been to a few places that I feel accepted for who I am. Are you in a place that you can feel accepted for who you are?

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Maybe you are knew to a city and have no friends

Maybe you go to a new school where you are suddenly consider as an outsider because you are different.

Or so they think.

We all come from different walks of life.

We have different ethnicities or heritages.

Some of us are young whiles other have lived through some of the world’s tests of endurance such as the Great Depression or the Holocaust.

Some of us are male, female, bisexual, lesbian.

And some of us have disabilities.

No matter the difference keep in mind that there is a place for you on this earth and that you should feel welcome.

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On another note I had the opportunity to go to a LinkedIn local event last night. I had a blast and I felt really welcome. I’m fairly certain people were scared of me at first because hey look, here is…

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