From a barking happy dog to a car accident

8/2010 Mandy climbing rock wall at Great Lakes Naval Base during RIC Military Paralympics sports camp

Do you have something that you like to brag about?

Something that most others just won’t believe because of the current situation?

Are you proud of that something and is brought up as an icebreaker or simply just to ease the situation?

This past week one of my instructors apparently had a dog camera while he is away and kept talking. The dog was often like what the f! I hear him but I don’t see him.

I had finished fixing my resume and noticed this. I also figured the dog needed a break and I had already kind of mentioned the car accident.

Now was the time to bring out the pictures that were located on Facebook. I love being able to brag to others about where I come from. Some just don’t believe until they see the photos….

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This prompted a bunch of talk.

Now Monday morning I didn’t talk much. By Wednesday I was talking to pretty much everyone with ease.

I love being the person that I have become.

8/2010 Mandy wins the Juan Arreola Spirit of the Camp Award

6/2010 Mandy, her mom and Ray in New Jersey (New York in the background)

1/2010 Mandy graduates Rasmussen College with an Associates Degree in Accounting (3.99 GPA!!)


Are you proud of something so much that you love to brag about?

5 thoughts on “From a barking happy dog to a car accident

  1. You had a incredible journey. I am in awe with your grit and determination. Stay blessed

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  2. WOW! I’m a EMD in Australia – and those car photos are *intense*.

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    1. I know! Thanks for all your help as well!

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