The gremlins moved my marker!

See the source image

Sometimes we just have to put something to mark our spot. Most often this is a book mark to mark our page in the book.

But there can be other markers that we may not all use or experience.

line on your gas tank internally (when it drops below it then you should find a gas station.

Marks on a measuring cup so you don’t add more than is needed.

A mark on a ruler to mark your height year after year.

Marks to show the parking spaces. (Seriously though, some people ignore these)

Marks on a road to indicate which lane you are in as well as what direction you are headed.

Without markers those we can feel lost. Markers may disappear over time but sometimes they will always be there.

See the source image

The goal is to try to remember the general vicinity and that way you are not at a complete loss.

However having a brain injury can make it much more difficult to lose these markers. Markers make it easier to complete something.

I don’t have the greatest depth perception when I have to park but it is good enough to be able to drive.

However this is an example of what happens when my marker on the garage wall moves:



There is normally several more inches in the rear but hey the garage door shut!

How have the gremlins moved your markers today?

See the source image

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