Unknown and bust

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Sometimes it is just better to go the route that you are familiar with.

It may take a little longer but you know what to expect and can navigate through it with relative ease.

This is true for a lot of things but not for everything. An example would be recovery. You can’t keep taking the easy way to get to the end. How would you get any better?

The difficult choices that sometimes need to be made may help you through further obstacles in your life.

You have no idea what these obstacles may be but maybe am obstacle that you ran into last week is similar to the one that you face now and you really just don’t know.

This morning I drove up to Madison, WI from Rockford, IL. My GPS only said 75 minutes but I knew better. I-90 has about 85 miles of construction between those. Not thinking this morning at 5:30 a.m. I set it to take a way that appeared to be a straight shot up north.


There were several turns and single lane country roads. The roads were rolling hills like the ones in Georgia for the Time Trial.


I made in there in just over 2 hours after finding a place to park. (that is another story).

In some instances it may be better to take the known route but is it always?

See the source image

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