Lack of Education


I am bringing forth a topic that I may have talked about in the past but it is currently bothering me in the present.

I just wonder where the future will go from here?

Having an injury as an adult is kinda like being a child within an adults body.  You have to relearn how to do pretty much anything and of course you may fail the first time.

But you get back up and try again.

But then you have family who may just not know what that person is capable of and assume that they can’t. Why not let them try and have them ask? Is that really too much to ask?

As a child we learn from our mistakes, that is what makes us stronger as an individual.

I think we need to educate and by the lack of education that makes the injured most vulnerable.

We live in a world that is not meant for us and so  we must relearn how, but if we can’t if we are not given a chance.

And let’s talk about friends since we are on this subject. I’ve been waiting to talk about this when the time is right. And please bear me as this post is longer than normal.

When we get injured our whole world gets turned upside down. You have to relearn how to do everything. It really frustrates me of the lack of education.

I haven’t heard much from my best friend in high school and middle school. I hear she got married but I’m finding this out through the grapevine and not from her!

See the source image

In fact nearly all of my high school friends have disappeared. They just don’t know what to think about me.

I have trouble making friends now and most of them are virtual. I have only met a few of them in person.

But I think the problem is still education. They still don’t know how to act with or around me.

And yes this may be an effect of the brain injury of not being able to connect.

But I hate to tell everyone that has left or doesn’t agree with me in some way, I am still me now as I was in the past.

I still need family and friends for support and encouragement. People that will stick by me no matter what. Is this really too hard to ask?

No really, is it that hard?

Do you have people that stand by you? Are you doing all that you can to grow with them?

Where is the road to the future taking me?


6 thoughts on “Lack of Education

  1. I understand 100% I do think lack of education is epic for living in a world post TBI is extremely hard and most if not all misjudge us instead of take the time to be informed. I too have lost most of my friends and my family doesn’t try to understand. I’m learning to let go of that and tell myself it’s their problem not mine. I hear ya.

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    1. Thanks for your comments! I appreciate it greatly.

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  2. You’re so welcome! We can relate!

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  3. Its sad however true that a lot of people are not sure what to say or do as a friend once somebody they know has a traumatic injury or illness. Rather than say/do somerhing or to avoid feeling awkward themselves, they just drop out of that person’s life – when they could use the most support. Maybe rhey are scared the same thing could happen to them, they do not want to
    Be confronted with that.

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    1. Very true! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


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