Calling all small businesses!

Do you use QuickBooks essentials or higher?

Would you rather be working on and selling your own product?

Do you hate numbers and fear screwing up your books for year end filing?

Are you using USD currency?

If you can answer yes to the above questions, why not hire a book keeper?

With QuickBooks online you can share your book with an accountant.

As a way for me to keep blogging throughout the day, this may be an ideal solution.

I am new at bookkeeping but I’m always looking towards the future and new skills. I am reasonably priced (I’m thinking $200-$300 usd per month), is CPA eligible, and have a Master’s in Forensic Accounting (Fraud).

Contact me if interested.

Sorry for posting this here but I figured it would be the best way to get this out there.

More inspiring posts to come a little later.


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