What am I worth?


This is a question that most of us ask ourselves when we start job hunting.

Answers vary greatly depending on:





But at what point do we refuse to wiggle down to and accept?

Again this depends on a number of factors.

Where is the company located?

What is the companies culture like?

If you are able to meet your coworkers, what are they like?

What are the benefits?

Answer these and you will hopefully decide or decline the offer.

I have been looking for work a long time. Sometimes it is tougher than other times but you can’t really know. Only recently I have signed up with temp agencies because I hope to God that won’t effect my health benefits through the use of an ABLE account.

Anyways this afternoon I took the trip 90 minutes north to see a staffing agency. Personally I have 7-10 years of General Experience which includes 4 years of Accounting experience, 4 years of military experience, and a Master’s Degree. Plus I have a lot of life experience and inspiration, that surely has to be worth something!

I asked for $25 an hour. I would be driving north, at least 45 minutes daily, so there is the cost of gas. She told me $15-$18 is what she could offer for most places. Um no!

I will wait until I can get that. In the meantime, if you know of a small business that uses QuickBooks Online and does their own bookwork and is in USD currency, let’s talk! I  am willing to volunteer my services for the remainder of this year and if I chose to open a business next year I will give you a discount.

What are you worth?

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