A penny saved is a penny earned

Rebloging this one since I really don’t feel like thinking or writing today.

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The money that you save now is more valuable later on in life. The more that you save now in turns means the greater amount of money that you will have later in life.

You could invest it but what if the markets drop when you went to collect it? It’s really a game of risk.

But what should you do? Should you take that risk and know the rewards may be greater when you collect?

I have invested my 401K rollover and have a savings account. However that account is getting lower each day without a replenishment. I did however save quite a bit from my last job and some of that has gone towards my cycling expenses.

Now I am hit with a major expense, my freezer went last night. I’m thankful that it has lasted that long but why now? There goes a blow to my savings…

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