Sometimes people are jealous of me

and they try to fatten me up. Seriously!


Not everyone is made the same way. The mixture of culture and genes makes finding you if you are not a twin of course 1 in 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. That’s crazy!

Just like people are different by genes, abilities are different.

Some people are artistic.

Some are great problem solvers.

Some are naturally good around others.

Some are great scientifically.

Some are great mathematically.

Some are great athletically.

You get the point here.

But some just are so-so at any of the above and have to work at it to achieve.

Do until you can do no more!

I volunteer somewhere 1 time a week. And every week they get a donation from Panera Bread, bagels, cookies, muffin tops, bear claws, and any pastry pretty much. One of the older guys there has not let me leave without a few of the above. He told me that the other girls are jealous of me. I find this funny!

See the source image

I bike a lot and so I am more toned than normal. I also have a strange tan line mid thigh which is quite an interesting conversation starter.

Be yourself. We are all different.

3 thoughts on “Sometimes people are jealous of me

  1. Stay charming let the world sulk. That is there choice 🌸😊

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