Summer is over…

Can you tell when something is about to happen?

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… Or so says my calendar. It’s changing outdoors. I guess Canada geese told me farewell the other day by passing over my head while I was still enjoying swimming in the pool back home. Harvests are ready. It’s time for comfort food. Fall is coming up. I was sensing it this week. There are some things in life, when you are close to nature, you know when these changes occur. Change of daylight, change of air, change of smell… It is incredible. And I presume it was somewhat spectacular on the border Ontario-Quebec with this storm and wind last evening. I hope for them the damages are more about stuff than people. It may suck, yet things can be changed, while lives cannot.

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2 thoughts on “Summer is over…

  1. We are into Spring in the Southern Hemisphere – in Australia, the Wattle and Cherry Blossoms are flowering, the days are warmer, and all the tulips, daffodils, jonquils etc are putting on a show. The magpies are terrorising people because it’s Swooping Season (Australians aren’t afraid of anything – ha ha ha! YouTube Swooping Magpie and feel our fear!).

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