I got lost today by the squirrel!

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When I got to an intersection I ran into him. He got scared and ran back down the road. I of course followed him for a few corners but soon I had no idea what street I was on.

I was out riding the trike today when I saw the squirrel. Most people have to take a second look because they may have never seen a 3 wheel bike. But no the squirrel got scared and I obviously had nothing better to do. I was 7 miles in riding with a 20-30 MPH headwind so I was worn out. It was nice to keep my mind off of that for a while chasing the squirrel.


Too often something in our life path gets spooked just like the squirrel.

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We turn around and hope that whatever it is stops chasing us.

But no it keeps chasing us.

When we turn, our paths turn, and eventually we end up in unfamiliar territory.

We can stop and turn around or we can keep going in hopes that we will reach familiar territory.

When we find that spot we can be relieved but it is not over.

Soon something will spook us again and we will be back in unfamiliar territory.

Finding a job is somewhat like this if this is possible. We send out resumes after resumes. We get a few bites from those. We accept the help offered from others. But then we get spooked; we want to mend it. But by mending it in the way we think works best, we get spooked again and we start chasing the thing that spooks us again.

I hope that made sense to you all.

How have you been lost but found the way? Was it spooky?

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    I am so ready for this weather to end!


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