Think before you act or speak!

Reblogging this because more people need to hear this. Thanks again!

Inspirational Leader

It happens all the time, people assume I’m stupid or incapable because I do stuff with my mom. And even yet this happens when I am alone. I am treated like a child and called dear.

It may just be because they don’t know. And that is considerable because most disabled individuals are rarely seen outside especially in my city. Ok so I am not normal and I am not complaining. I could be off and living in a nursing home but guess what? I am not and deal with it.


I am tempted to tell whoever says dear or treats me like a child a little fib, like

My husband was going to come with me but he wanted to work on the deck (I am not married)

I am being deployed so I am wanting to spend time with family (I’ve been out of the military since 2009)

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