Hurdles turned into successes


Have you ever put in work towards a goal just to have some type of hurdle appear in front of you, whether it be a person or an injury?

When this happens what do you do? Give in and just call it quits?

I sure hope not but that may be in some peoples mentality.

Despite that thinking I really hope that you don’t give in and let it overcome you.

Fight back and you may just surprise yourself with the end results.

Whether it be making peace with that person, pushing yourself through an injury, or something else.

I love racing trikes no matter what anyone may say. I’m also extremely stubborn and I prefer not to let an injury get in my way.

After a very poor performance at road Nationals (I am blaming the hills and feeling like I have to go at the same pace with others with disabilities affecting their performance differently), I put in a lot of hard work!

My time in 2017 was 50 minutes and 13 seconds for 20K.

Just as we were going up to get my number, the gravel got in my way. Three wheeled bikes and gravel simply do not get along! My left hand (My Cane Hand) took the brunt of the fall and I feared that I wouldn’t be able to ride it.

I did anyways pushing through the pain in hopes of making the time I needed. I purposely rolled towards the turn around fast in hopes that I’d be able to get off my hand faster since it was hurting more. Camber hit me on the way back and I had to unclip several times to ‘roll walk’ the trike.

I finished in 42 minutes and 1 seconds today; same course as 2017.

Hard work was halted by a hurdle of an injury. That injury only pushed me to succeed the time I needed.

Are you doing all that you can only to be halted by a hurdle? Be you and push past it. Surprise yourself.

3 thoughts on “Hurdles turned into successes

  1. Wow. You are such an inspiration. You beat your own record by 8 minutes. You are a hero, an inspiration for others

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