Comparing apples to oranges

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In front of you lies 2 choices, A or B. A will bring you more in the short run but profits diminish over time.

B will bring you less initially but profits grow over time.

A is like an Apple and B is like an orange. They both achieve the end result but in different ways. Because of that their benefit either declines or increases..

Both make juice that one can drink to end a thirst. However over time apple juice becomes sweeter in your mouth and orange juice becomes sourer.

The two are not alike so why should each choice be? You should choose the choice that is best for you at the time. Learn to overcome each barrier as they happen.

This past weekend I did the MO State TT; I didn’t know how I would fare as each course is different. Different in the  amount and placement of potholes, difference in the road surface, different in the amount of turns, and difference in the amount of camber.

Some courses are just worse than others but you may not know until you bite into it. As you hit these road conditions you need to make a choice to handle the camber. Do you lean to compensate for it or just go flying through it and hopes to make it? I did the first on the way out but coming back I was more cautious, nearly doubling the amount of time that it took to come back.

Are you choosing your choices carefully to get to the end result?

3 thoughts on “Comparing apples to oranges

  1. True. We are what choices we make.

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