I just want to give up!

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We all face rejection at some point in our lives:

You weren’t selected for the basketball team because you are the wrong gender, the wrong height, the wrong weight, the least skilled, etc.

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You took that rejection and applied it towards another activity: CHEERLEADING!

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You made it on the team because you are the right gender and you showed some potential at tryouts. You are still ranked low because you are the wrong weight, the wrong height, etc.

You are in your junior year of high school and are applying to colleges after colleges. But you receive rejection after rejection because you had a low GPA, a low SAT, were the wrong ethnicity, etc.

You either kept applying, gave up, or took up enlisting in the military. Often it thinks they will take pretty much anyone that has two legs, two arms, and at least part of the brain. All is not required. And you often have to work your way up, failing a lot.

Rejection is inevitable.

We all face it at some point in our lives. None of us are perfect. We make mistakes and we learn from them in order to turn those rejections into acceptations.

Sometimes we get rejected a lot and we often wonder why. Am I not blond enough? Am I not gay enough? Ok not really but you get the idea here.

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And to those with brain injuries. Guess what? Multiply that rejection occurrence times thousands. Employers seriously do not know what they are missing. It’s called diversity and last I checked we don’t live in a black and white bubble! A chance needs to be taken.

If we really wanted to turn this further we could introduce a term called discrimination. You have a phone interview for a position that you meet the minimum requirements. Awesome but then they talk to you on the phone. Suddenly you don’t meet the minimum requirements because they have trouble understanding you. It’s frustrating!

And at times I really just want to give up. Yes I know rejection is inevitable but sometimes enough is enough.

Why not practice a thing called diversity? You may surprise yourself with what they can offer your business.

5 thoughts on “I just want to give up!

  1. My son is autistic. He volunteers and the library and the people there love him; he does a great job. He doesn’t interview well, however. I really wish employers would give people a chance.

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    1. Agreed! They are book smart and quite often don’t seem to realize the strengths people with disabilities can bring to their company.

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  2. I so agree. Inclusion and diversity is what this world need. We all are sadly too typecast

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