Preparation is key!

See the source imageHours of work are put in. Treats/Rewards are minimal. People barely see you in the social setting. You are embarrassed in some ways that your activity has taken a chunk out of your bank account. Or in some cases it may even cost more than your car.

It’s inevitable. Practice makes perfect.

Or so you think.

Can someone ever reach the state of perfect? Everything is constantly changing no matter what we think. The cardboard box you bought that is full of cereal is changing in weight as it becomes empty.

The can of Pop that you are drinking becomes empty as it is drunk.

The version of Excel that you have mastered has come out as a newer version with updated features.

Dates change as time goes by.

It becomes easier to forget as you age.

Everything changes in some way, shape, or form.

So Practice does not make perfect. Think of a graph with practice on the X axis and perfection (such as speed, weight, work, etc) on the Y axis. There is an upward sloped line. As Practice increases, the point on the Y axis increases as well.


You never reach the end of it.


Because of Change.

And because of the constant state of change  you need to always be prepared.

You never know when you will run out of cbn  ereal (A little bit left can always stick around forever).

You may be distracted and in turn open up a new can of pop only to leave the other sitting around half full.

You may not know how you will perform in any given state.

Or you prepare to be the best after mounds of hard work put in.

This week I am doing a Time Trial in Missouri. Months of hard work and preparation are slowly ending. Now time to rest. But preparation is still necessary. I need to prepare my body by limiting my food choices and sugar intake. I need to mentally prepare myself to keep the three wheels on the ground.

Preparation is always key to making practice get as close to perfect as possible at any given time. Are you prepared to practice?

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