Apple, Banana, Pear, Hourglass


At first glance these may look like fruits but then you get to hourglass and are like “what the heck”.

Oh come on I know you do it!

These are the 4 common body types of women.

I have been struggling for some time to get my weight down to 125. Why? Well that is the ‘normal’ top cycling weight for a 5’3′ female.ย  All the pro’s are at the lower end of the acceptable range. They are the ones that are usually picked because they are ‘normal’. Their weight is considered a necessity because they can ‘fly’ up hills. Not exactly true because we all have different talents, I am able to ‘fly’ up a hill if I wasn’t dealing with an injury or tiredness.

But is that really normal? We are all made differently. We have different heritages. We have different lifestyles. We all have different genes. We have different parents. We all live in different places. We are different ages.ย We were raised differently. We have different parents and ancestors. We were involved in different activities.

The list could go on but it all boils down to one point, we are unique.

It was normal to be on the side of heavy for my family. I was 160’s before my accident. I got down to 100’s during recovery due to the loss of muscle, my spleen, and being unable to eat solid foods a good month or so. I am back to 130’s today feeling much healthier with muscles. But I am torn that I can’t reach 125 in this current state.

If 125 is the top of the acceptable range for my height do they factor in ancestry, heritage, ethnicity, lifestyle, and so on?


My answer is probably not but aren’t we all unique? Isn’t it better to feel healthy rather than to conform to acceptable standards and feel weak?


10 thoughts on “Apple, Banana, Pear, Hourglass

  1. Yes it is most important to remain healthy than anything else๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

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      1. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

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  2. Are you competing for a professional Biking? I have no clue they do a cut at 125. I wish you good luck my friend.

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    1. I am a paracyclist and compete in the WT2 class both nationality and internationally. They don’t cut at the top weight but it feels frowned upon! Oh well. Thanks for stopping by.

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      1. This is so awesome. Which country do you represent.

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      2. If I make Team USA then USA, if not I am just an independent for international races.

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      3. Awesome. I am for the US and I surely will root for you. Hope you make it

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