The Rise of the Unicorns


What’s the fascination with Unicorns?

They represent purity. They represent rarity. They represent all the dreams that a child ever had.


Unicorns are now popping up in cereal, lip gloss, body wash, and the list goes on.

When I had seen a new Kellogg’s cereal WITH UNICORNS I had to find it to see what this new craze was all about.

The grocery store was out but I found a close match.


I ate a bowl of the cereal for breakfast. It wasn’t probably the best choice for an athlete but I threw in a banana and coffee for good measures. Oh and don’t forget Twigs!


If you look closely there are 3 unicorns on the spoon.

This got me to thinking. In job searching recruiters are always looking for purple unicorns, i.e. rare candidates.


Even though these unicorns are not purple, they still symbolize rarity.

So what if I eat these unicorns? Does this mean that recruiters now need to step back and look at candidates that are a close fit?

3 thoughts on “The Rise of the Unicorns

  1. Did u draw these? My daughter loves unicorn 😊


    1. No I didn’t. That is very cool that she likes unicorns!

      Liked by 1 person

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