A red apple is not the same as a green apple!

No two people are affected by a brain injury the same way. Some have physical problems. Some have mental problems. Some have psychological problems. And yet some have all types of problems. You really do not know what types of problems a person will have when they enter the ER. You also don’t know what problems will show up later down the road; well, that is if they survive.

TBI-graphic (5)

Some problems are fairly obvious such as a physical disability or even a speech impediment. And the individual may end up with mental and memory problems.

And yet the books that are taught may say that if they have a brain injury then they will never recover. Well that is true to a point but how many of you actually listen to when the doctors say you won’t? Or they just tell your parents or caregivers to put you in a nursing home and get on with their life?

What is up with that?

When I arrived at the ER in 2007, I was in a coma with a severe TBI and brain stem damage. Doctors told my parents that I would not live a normal life and should just put me in a nursing home and get on with their life.

My mom didn’t listen to them but how many people actually do?

Were doctors wrong in what they said? Not really since that is what they were taught by the textbook.

They forgot about the powers of determination and perseverance.


And even with recovery in those first few months, there will always be problems.

Problems that are not always known. Remember a brain injury is never alike for two people.

Even though I know my problems in normal scenarios, I am discovering problems when the scenarios get extreme. There is a heat wave going through Rockford, IL since last Thursday. It is cooling down tomorrow before rising again Tuesday. A break from this heat is needed!

With the heat I am getting tired easily and my eating routine is completely disrupted. I am sleeping way too much, and my allergies are nonstop. It’s getting quite annoying! I only have been eating breakfast and sometimes dinner. Lunch is almost non-existent at this point. At the same time, I indulged in a triple chocolate cookie tonight.  I had munchkins (donut holes) this morning. Nutrition is not good currently and I am so glad my coach is in Netherlands for a World Cup right now!

But for now, I just need to go with it and hope that it doesn’t screw me over too much. My routine will eventually return, and my life will return back to a state of normally. But problems will always exist, and new ones will show up when the time is right.

 Are you experiencing any changes due to the weather? Due to life

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