Heat index of 110 means one thing: Dashboard Cookies!

The heat is on all throughout the middle and northeastern states of the US.

Like so many, we try to stay in the AC and hope to stay cool in some way, shape, or form.

Maybe we go to the waterpark:


And spend hours on a tube riding through a lazy river or jumping for cover when a splash bucket tips.

Or maybe we sit in front of the AC:


(photo found on the internet)

Or perhaps we eat tons of Ice Cream until we get a brain freeze:


Perhaps we will find a new flavor to like today.

But what if we tried something different.?

Like baking cookies on a dashboard:

Dashboard Cookies

Having a brain injury can mean that I get overheated much faster than others. But like the rest of you (I hope) I want to be normal so I often do the extreme.

I spent an hour yesterday riding the bike at the gym. I did it early enough but it was still sticky. I think I will be taking the next few days and trying a few different activities. Something that is different for me, like driving south for an expo, investing in a sprinkler, installing a tv by my bath (okay not really, that could be dangerous)

When the heat comes are you ready to be different? To try something different?

Be unique! Stand out and get noticed.

Time to bake some cookies in the car.

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