1, 2, 3 Degrees and Determination


Have you failed? Has someone told you that you can’t?

I’m hurting tonight and I really don’t know where else to put it. When I emerged from the coma and made it through recovery I wanted to work like so many of my peers. The state has a workforce agency called DHS that put my mom and I in touch with a counselor. At the time I was working on my accounting associates degree.

The counselor and I kid you not I don’t know why you are getting an accounting degree, no one is going to hire you. Well that was enough of him and we left that day discouraged.

Fast forward about 9 years and I now have a Master’s in Forensic Accounting and I was an accounting clerk at Greenlee for over 3 years. After discovering something, I was probably used (most likely) to get out of a problem in a financial area that I had no use or control of. I am not mentioning any names because I don’t want to be held liable for defamation like the email I have where I was mentioned and was the reason for someone else’s dismissal. Not true but whatever they want to think.

so I proved that counselor wrong of course.

Well tonight I heard from not one but two people pretty much along these lines. I know I have limitations but I also was given a slim chance of survival. I proved them wrong and I now own my own condo, drive, and can compete on the tricycle both in states and internationally.

I am on a mission to prove the doubters wrong. Will I fail? Maybe initially but I will pick myself up and try again. Nothing can stop me!


How are you proving others wrong?

1 thought on “1, 2, 3 Degrees and Determination

  1. Love your posts but it would be a good idea not to name Greenlee or anyone directly. Love u

    Sent from my iPad



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