My calendar still says March 2020

It is July 2021……..

This doesn’t make much sense but yet what does?

2020 brought us all a number of challenges and boy am I sick of hearing COVID-19! Seriously when will it go away?

I honestly felt that 2021 would be different and boy was I wrong!

I was over looked for a promotion.

I was over looked for a promotion.

I didn’t make the Tokyo paracycling team.

I was starting to feel like I am not good enough and why am I even here?

Quite often I wonder why the hell I am still even trying.

Despite all the laws prohibiting discrimination I can narrow it down to this at work Now I got to get them to believe me?

And then looking at cycling I continue to realize from day 1 that I shouldn’t be competing in this class. Maybe now I can get this changed?

But then it comes to the fact of why the hell am I here? What crazy reason has God concocted that I need to live?

People often came to me for help but this really was as common as it was from before.

I have always been a helpful person and not much has changed.

I was quite amazed at the amount of coworkers that called me out during the core value callout meeting Friday, even my manager noticed.

So if coworkers see this than why can’t the recruiters that are there to help Intuit grow?

And in the midst of this my boyfriend was in a car accident and freaked out. Somehow I managed to get him to look at the big picture and realize that all would be ok!

So what is my point?

We are all here for a reason and although it may not be seen right away but through all the chaos it will appear.

2 thoughts on “My calendar still says March 2020

  1. You ended it so much hope. Hope the world shines at you

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