You can bend me

but never break me!

When I went to Canoe Country Rendezvous Wider Opportunity as a Girl Scout this song was first introduced to me.

I am woman

This song is actually about the feminism movement but I feel that it can be applied to many situations today.

Are you capable of surpassing the negative that surrounds you? If not what can you do to fix it?

I have had a crappy few days to say the least. Err Months!

In fact I honestly feel that at least the last year has sucked. Sure there have been good times.

I am not sure where I belong or what I am good at anymore. With the pandemic I am dealing with isolation or way over protective people.

Yes I have a Master’s but sometimes it feels that doesn’t matter. Will earning my CPA license even matter? Most people will choose a normal looking person and that is just a problem with society and lack of instruction and knowledge.

I often silently laugh at the things people do or at the length of time it takes to do something.

It really stinks that I have to somewhat feel out of place and alone at most places. I often feel that I am building a bridge to nowhere.

Will the bridge still be building as each year passes?

Or can we get it to end?

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