Halloween stuffed scarecrow

Beer signs memorablia

trucking career

Memories once forgotten but have been retold for remembering.

This is what makes memories so awesome! Today marks the 20 year anniversary of my dad’s passing and oh so much has changed.

A letter to dad:

Dear Dad,

Today marks 20 years. My memory was almost swiped but I get to recall those moments from memory. From sitting on the porch in a Halloween scarecrow costume scaring trick or treaters to a fan room filled with beer signs memorabilia to a trucking career, memories are in abundance.

Now the world is fighting COVID-19 while battling racism tensions throughout the USA. When will it ever be peaceful again? Did you ever think this day would come?

I’m sure you are up there playing jokes with Eric and whoever you may have run into. I bet you are having a blast!

Whenever we see an Atlas Van Lines or Watkins truck we think of you Some great signs for sure! You will always be there!

Not much has happened here, I almost did join you but I came back to earn my Master’s degree in Forensic Accounting and working on my CPA license.

Mom got remarried to a wonderful guy named Ray. She is happy. Lexie got married and has a kid. Kaylan got married and has a couple kids. Heather is working a job she loves. And Zach has a steady GF and doing well

I hope to see you soon,

I love you,


Remember to tell those you care about that you love them. Life is precious all the way to the end.

5 thoughts on “Memories

  1. Mandy, amidst everything in this world right now, and your heavy heart, what a comfort this letter brings. It is beautifully written. Clearly the memories of your dad have been tucked away to bring you peace, laughter, and a smile. Thinking of you today, as you embrace the 20 years. He would be so proud of who you are becoming. Donna

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  2. What heartfelt letter – may his soul RIP

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      1. My absolute pleasure. Stay blessed

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