Laptops are not supposed to do that!

No photo description available.Today has been rough and I am just going to say that out loud.

I’m not working hard enough on the bike.

Most come to me for Recons because I am fast at it.

Does it matter that I really don’t feel well?

Does it matter that I hate this quarantine and long to go out?

Heck there is a time trial in Missouri and I am going to it in August!

Lately I have been juggling everyone else’s schedule with my own and that often leaves no time to study for the CPA exam.

Working from home is great when people who usually work in a brick and mortar office building are working there.

But not so much right now. Most of my visitors know how to get in so I am often having to balance my privacy amongst work and other things.

Oh I could go on and yes I know this is not much of an inspiration to others,

But if I could ask everyone to take a step back and first and foremost thank the frontline workers.

Second reach out to those around you and see how they are doing.

Are you doing all that you can to help others during this unprecedented time?

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