We are all in this together!

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No one can survive alone, in fact science proves that within days of being isolated by ourselves that our physiological minds are damaged.

Our lives were interrupted by adjusting to everyone’s new schedule. More people were home now and suddenly you have to juggle their wants with everyone else’s while still trying to maintain your own sanity and schedule.

As a world we transitioned to a virtual world essentially overnight.

Sporting events were cancelled, mass attendance events were cancelled, and in person events were suspended.

Graduation events went online as well as musical performances.

There are even virtual dance clubs online.

The workforce has gone virtual, something that many have thought it wasn’t possible.

People are surviving through the various zoom meetings and just longing for that day when we can socialize again.

They are longing for normalcy to return but what is normal?

The normal experienced now WILL NOT be the normal we have experienced before.

We are all in this together!

And of course people might experience challenges.

Technology is a big one,

but also directions, what would you do if you accidentally hit a wrong zoom meeting code? Can there be wrong doing coming from that?

I sound different than most and I will be among the first to admit that. Overnight, literally, I had to transition to zoom and the phone, two of my greatest fears.

but I made it work and so will you!

We are all in this together!

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