Shit happens!

eh life happens!

You could be have the best time of your life but then something happens,

and that good time turns ugly.

We have all had it happen in our lives and to varying degrees.

But it is how we handle it is how it matters!

Each of us plays a part in our lives to determine

WHERE we want to go,

WHY we want to go there, and

HOW we plan on getting there.

it shouldn’t matter if it takes longer than others but rather are you trying your best?

Are you giving it your all?

Are you being an inspiration for others along the way?

Someone got me addicted to zwift and I am currently trying to accomplish a 14 day streak, day 12 was tonight.

I hadn’t planned on riding hard tonight but of course shit happens,

and 16.5 miles later we were done. Time to eat!

I got everything cooked and went to sit down.

Before I knew it my chicken and riced vegetables were all over the floor:

Image may contain: shoes and indoor

There goes sitting and I went to get the vacuum.

Shit happens and life happens.

Plans can change at any given moment.

Are you being an inspiration for others when shit happens?

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