The Matching Queen


Everyone is good at something

and it’s during rough times that you really doubt yourself.

Can I do anything right?

Why are they like this?

What did I do?

What didn’t I do?

I have no real answer as to why; each person is unique and thus they will have a different answer to this.

We are all made differently and react differently to various situations.

Sometimes we can help it but sometimes we can’t.

I’ve had a very rough few months to say the least.

I closed one life case with a former employer finally and I can finally let go of that which is holding me back

The one tomorrow may be a bit more difficult but I am hoping we can find some sort of remedy and work toward’s that.

Over the last month or so I’ve been doing more work for other customer facing QBK’s  (QuickBook experts) but I never really understood why Until today.

Having a Master’s in Forensic Accounting and a Military Police Background has really helped me understand why people do what they do and where to find the answer.

The Qbk I help out a lot called me the Matching Queen and that feels awesome! I’m really making an impact there and I love it!

How are you standing out?

What are you doing to grow in your own image?

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