Ever wanted to do something but technology would not just cooperate?

You so badly wanted to do something and you were looking forward to it.

But technology had a mind of its own.

and so what do you do?


That is the best that you can do despite the circumstances.

Now give it your all and you will be very surprised!

Last year I signed up for Face Of America bike ride this weekend in MD/VA/PA.

And then the Coronavirus hit and it got cancelled.

well they decided to go virtual and I tried so hard to ride with them the whole weekend!

Yesterday I was having problems with the internet than Bluetooth and then with the Ant+ sensor.

I finally just reinstalled zwift and turned my phone into a mobile hotspot. Well it worked for the final 43 miles but I missed the first 18. 😦

Then today I was up by 5 am to get it connected and it stayed connected until around 6. Then I was frustrated.

So I went to my bike outside and got on. I only had a short sleeve jersey and bike shorts on. It was cold!

I did 3 miles and came back to get some warmer clothes on and ended up doing 54 miles today! 43 yesterday.

Not too shabby, only 3800 calories burnt in 5 hours today. 2400 yesterday.

How are you improvising when you need to?

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